Friday, July 9, 2010


Holy balls!
this place is bitchin. Kate has been here once before and told me she would become emotional. i thought she was just being a wuss. but she was right. it is pretty unbelievable, but believable because it actually exists.

our journey started at General Sherman tree. he is apparently older than Jesus. and also not only bigger than Jesus, but the biggest tree on earth.

Next we followed the Congress trail, which led us to other big trees, such as the President and the Senate.

Then we journeyed to the Crystal Cave, courtesy of our friendly park ranger on Channel Islands, George. Caves are cold. Damp. and quite dark. but still pretty awesome.

After hiking a couple other areas like the Thorp Log (see below...) Kate came up with a new insult. "You look so much like a bridge troll, that people pay you to cross a bridge."

She was not only upset about the slow pace that my shorter legs move, but the songs I made up for each of our hikes...

Such as the instant classic "Sap on your hands," which goes...
Sap on your hands
Sap on your hands,
lookin' like a fool with sap on your hands...

Then there was this...
it's an okay view, i guess.

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